The Importance of Pre-Employment Tests

Recruiters receive hundreds – or even thousands – of CVs and job applications for their various job openings. That’s why it is very important that they find a smart screening tool so they can filter out their applicants in a more informed and unbiased manner. That’s where pre-employment tests and assessments such as Testello come into play! Testing the skills of your candidates allows you to evaluate general aptitude, position-specific requirements, job knowledge or career-related attitudes and behaviors. While the CV has always been the first assessment tool, pre-employment tests have become increasingly used when it comes to screening a large pool of candidates.

Here are the main benefits of using pre-employment tests:

  • Time-saving as recruiters will be able to focus their time on qualified candidates only.

Pre-employment tests are a great tool that enables you as a recruiter to focus your time and effort only on candidates that have what it takes to join your company. Investing in assessment tools can help you screen out unqualified candidates in a quick and easy manner, allowing you to streamline your hiring process.

  • Objectivity in the Hiring Process: “Less gut feeling, more hard facts”.

What differentiates tests from other candidate selection tools such as CVs and interviews, is the fact that tests allow you to have skill-related hiring criteria rather than relying on your gut feeling. In addition, since tests are standardized, they can give everyone an equal opportunity to land the job.

  • Decreased Turnover and Increased Retention Rates

Considering the costly and time-consuming processes associated with replacing employees, turnover can be a serious source of a headache for recruiters and HR people. Reliable and valid pre-employment tests provide recruiters with accurate information on how well-matched a certain candidate is to a particular job opening. This will result in a higher satisfaction rate among your employees and will enhance your retention rates and reduce turnover.

  • Predict your Employees’ Performance and Productivity

Well-designed pre-employment tests can predict performance and productivity because they can objectively determine the extent to which a candidate has the required skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed at his/her job.

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